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Other Blogs

Visit these other class blogs (from other schools) and leave helpful, appropriate comments.
  1. Mrs Yollis' Class Blog (3rd graders, Los Angeles, California) - @lindayollis
  2. Mrs. Laidler's Class Blog 301 (4th graders, Chicago, Illinois) - @MsLaidler
  3. Mrs. Laidler's Class Blog 309 (4th graders, Chicago, Illinois) - @MsLaidler
  4. Mrs. Hime's Class Blog (3rd graders, Clinton, Oklahoma) - @himetimers
  5. Mr. Tiffin's Class Blog (6th graders, Fairport, New York) - @JimTiffinJr

What makes a good comment?

  1. Tell something SPECIFIC you liked.
  2. Ask a thoughtful, RELATED question.
  3. Share a CONNECTION to your own life experiences.