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iPad Apps & Tips

The 70 apps we're starting the year with in STEM class are linked on this Listly list. (More background)

We use and are using a variety of iPad apps in our class. Here are some we used in 2013-14!
  1. KidBlog (interactive digital writing) - free
  2. AudioBoo (sound/voice recording) - free
  3. SpectrumView (sound measurement) - free
  4. Decibel 10th.(sound measurement) free
  5. Nearpod (classwide presentation sharing) - free
  6. Hopscotch (iPad coding) - free
  7. Brushes 3 (drawing) - free
AR apps we might be using:
  1. Aurasma (Augmented Reality - create triggers) - free
  2. Augment (Augmented Reality - connect to Google 3D Warehouse designs) - free
Dr. Fryer's top 3 creation apps for the iPad are:
  1. Explain Everything - $3
  2. Book Creator for iPad - $5
  3. iMovie - $5 (free on new iPads)
Apps we've used infrequently:
  1. Documents by Readdle (open files like Hopscotch projects in other apps - used in fall 2013 before Hopscotch updated to permit cloud-based project sharing and opening on other iPads) - free
Other Tips:
  1. I use these numbered images as wallpaper for our iPad cart (thanks to @skibtech & @MsMagiera)
  2. More great iPad management tips here and here (thanks @MsMagiera)
  3. I setup a single Gmail account as a "sending only" account for iPads on my classroom cart following these instructions (from @tonyvincent)

For more app recommendations, see: