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Green Screen Project

A green screen video uses "chroma-key compositing" to blend a background image or video with other layers of media. This special effect is often used in newscasting and weather reporting. Green screen videos require both the use of a green background and special software.*
This page was originally created for use by students in my STEM class Maker Studio, but (as of October 2015) has been updated for workshops I (Wes Fryer) present about Green Screen video. Handouts and resource links for my other presentations/workshops are available.

http://showwithmedia.com/quick-edit-video/Green Screen videos can be created as a type of Quick Edit Videos.

Need FREE Background Images / Pictures?

  1. MorgueFile.com has excellent FREE photos (student/class-friendly)
  2. Photos for Class (student/class-friendly, includes attribution!)
  3. Flickr CC-BY licensed images (not as good for students to use)

Students: Please complete our Green Screen Movie Planning Sheet!

Examples of Green Screen videos:

Green Screen and Stop Motion from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.

I Am Art (by @fugelfun)

I AM ART from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.


In our class we're using the following equipment and software to create green screen videos: