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Lessons, ideas and resources related to MinecraftEDU. In November 2013, our school purchased 29 licenses of MinecraftEDU software to use in our Win7 computer lab.

Introduction to MinecraftEDU

MinecraftEDU Introduction

Lesson Ideas

Advanced Video: MineCraft Tutorials: How to Bake a Cake (2 min, 30 sec)

Other Lesson Ideas

  1. MinecraftEDU Lesson Archives (official wiki)
  2. Vermont Minecraft Workshop Lessons (Dec 2013)
  3. Invitation to Minecraft Challenge by Stephen Getter and Sherry Jones (Dec 2013 - undergrad challenge, also available as a PDF)

Online Groups / Forums

Tablet / Smartphone Apps

  1. Minecraft Explorer Pro HD ($3) - iPad
  2. Pro Craft (free) - for Android

3D Printing

  1. Printcraft (download Minecraft models to print on 3D printer)

MinecraftEDU Twitter Channels & Blogs to Follow)

  1. Joel Levin - @MinecraftTeachr
  2. Zack Gilbert - @edgamer
  4. The day in the life of AJ
  5. Elisabeth Morrow School Blog

Interesting Mods to Check Out

  1. qCraft (quantum physics principles)
  2. Tropicraft

YouTube Channels

Other Resources

  1. Alexander Fryer's 30 minute K-12 Online Conference presentation in 2012: "Creating and Playing in Minecraft"

Please share other resources to add to this page by tweeting @wfryer.