Center 7 - Sound Energy

These are instructions for this student center.


Read pages 2-7 of the book "Sound and Light" by Colin Kong with a partner.


Discuss these questions together as you read these pages:
  1. When are sounds made?
  2. What is compression in a sound wave?
  3. What is frequency?
  4. What is wavelength?
  5. What does sound need to move?
  6. Why do sound waves travel more slowly through a liquid than a solid?


  1. Use AudioBoo on your iPad to interview your partner about what you read together on these pages.
  2. Use this as your script:
    1. Hello, today is ___________, and this is _____________, a ___th grader in Mrs. ___________ class at Independence Elementary school in Yukon, Oklahoma.
    2. Today we are talking about what sound is, what sound waves are, and how sound travels.
    3. I'll be interviewing ______________________ today.
    4. So tell me, _______________, what is sound? [PARTNER ANSWERS WITH SEVERAL COMPLETE SENTENCES.]
    5. Thanks for that great explanation! Now, _______________, what are sound waves? [PARTNER ANSWERS WITH SEVERAL COMPLETE SENTENCES.]
    6. Please tell us what frequency and wavelength are?  [PARTNER ANSWERS WITH SEVERAL COMPLETE SENTENCES.]
    7. Thanks for that description.
    8. Last of all, please tell us about how sound travels through a medium. Do vibrations take longer to move through a liquid or a solid?  [PARTNER ANSWERS WITH SEVERAL COMPLETE SENTENCES.]
    9. Well, that's all we have for you today, thanks so much for listening to this AudioBoo recording from Independence Elementary school in Yukon, Oklahoma.
  3. When you save your AudioBoo, be sure to:
    1. Include your homeroom teacher's name, the primary speaker's first name, and the Center name in the TITLE. Example: Hooge - John- Sound Energy
BONUS: Post to your KidBlog and include a link to the AudioBoo recording your class created. Find your recording on our iesSTEM AudioBoo channel.