These are STEM curriculum resources collected and/or created by Wesley Fryer. Use the navigational links in the left sidebar and below for resources. Student class blogs for Spring 2015 are linked at the topRead the "about" page for more background. Have questions? Contact Dr. Fryer via Twitter (@wfryer) or other electronic means. I renamed our class Twitter account when I moved to become the director of technology at Casady School in July 2015: @casadySTEM. In September 2016 Oklahoma Horizons published a six minute video segment (embedded below) about my IES STEM classroom and students.

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  3. Calenda
  4. Contests
  5. Interactive Writing
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2014-2015 Unit Themes:

  1. iPad Blogging
  2. Catapults
  3. MinecraftEDU
  4. 3D Design and Printing
  5. Circuits, LEDs and Motors
  6. iPad Coding
  7. Narrated Slideshows
  8. Prosthetic Hands
Tutorials / Skills
Other Stuff: (units I haven't taught yet but want to)
  1. Computer Science Teachers' Association
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Data Analysis with Wolfram Alpha
  4. Science Probeware - Weather
  5. Bridges
  6. Science Probeware - Water Quality
  7. Arduino - Robotics
  8. Lego Robotics
  9. Animated GIFs
  10. STEM Careers field trip: Monkey Gene Sequencing
  11. STEM Careers field trip: Aerospace Engineering
  12. STEM Careers field trip: Nano-Technology

Header image collage photo sources (all licensed Creative Commons - BY by Wesley Fryer)
Class Videos


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