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Cantilever Spans

This post by Nevada STEM teacher and STEM coordinator Brian Crosby (@brosby) describes the Cantilever Spans lesson we are going to use this year.

Link to our Class Photos!


These are the introductory slides we used for this lesson.

Cantilever Lesson Introduction

Students learned how to use the iPad app "Explain Everything" to create short, 3 photo narrated slideshows about this project. They described what they did and what they learned in this activity. The following narrated slideshow by Julio and Landon is a good example. Check out more in this YouTube playlist! The very simple storyboard we used for this project is available as a PDF.

The video "How to Design Like an Architect" illustrates how cantilevers are used to build homes.
Another great video about being an architect: "A Day in the Life of an Architect (Part 2)"