Cantilever Spans

This post by Nevada STEM teacher and STEM coordinator Brian Crosby (@brosby) describes the Cantilever Spans lesson we are going to use this year.

Link to our Class Photos!

April 15 - April 18 - April 22 - June 4

These are the introductory slides we used for this lesson.

Cantilever Lesson Introduction

Students learned how to use the iPad app "Explain Everything" to create short, 3 photo narrated slideshows about this project. They described what they did and what they learned in this activity. The following narrated slideshow by Julio and Landon is a good example. Check out more in this YouTube playlist! The very simple storyboard we used for this project is available as a PDF.

The video "How to Design Like an Architect" illustrates how cantilevers are used to build homes.

Another great video about being an architect: "A Day in the Life of an Architect (Part 2)"