Center 1: The Scientific Power of Music

These are instructions for this student center.


With others in your group, watch the 2 minute YouTube video, "The Scientific Power of Music."


Discuss the following questions together:

    1. What is dopamine and what does it have to do with music?

    2. What are neurons and neurotransmitters?

    3. How is music like a drug?


Login to your class blog and share a new post which includes the following items:

    1. A descriptive, helpful title for your post

    2. A link to this video on its own line in your post, so it will show up as EMBEDDED for others to view

    3. Several sentences in a paragraph describing what you discussed with your group answering the discussion questions.

Be sure to use complete sentences and correct punctuation in your post!

Additional Resources:

    1. A printable PDF of a QR code for this video and for this page of instructions is available.