We are using the introductory learning activities ( to introduce students to computer coding and programming. We follow up this introduction with lessons using Scratch software, and later in the semester a unit on creating mathematical artwork as well as simple collide games on the iPad using the free app HopScotch. If you haven't already, you NEED to watch and share the video, "What Most Schools Don't Teach."

Start HERE:

These instructions explain the steps students should follow to join Dr. Fryer's classes. Students (and others) can sign up independently, but by signing up using these "enrollment codes" Dr. Fryer can reset student passwords if needed! (This document is also available as a PDF.)

These coding tutorials started in November 2013 as "The Hour of Code." The "Hour of Code" website with links to a variety of tutorials is These appear to have been mostly combined on, so that is the website we recommend students use (at home and at school) to track their progress and keep learning more!)