Alternate YouTube Publishing Workflow

STEP 2: Use InstaShare to Transfer Video to Dr. Fryer's iPhone

  1. Open the InstaShare app on your iPad. (Be sure you're connected to wifi!)

    1. Check with Dr Fryer and make sure he has InstaShare open on his iPhone.

    2. Touch and DRAG your video from your camera roll in InstaShare to Dr. Fryer's iPhone. (It's named "Elendil.")

STEP 1: Save/Export Final Video to Camera Roll

Whether you are using Green Screen, StopMotion Cafe, iMovie, or another app, you need to SAVE or EXPORT your final video to your iPad camera roll. Play it to make sure it looks and sounds like you want it to.

STEP 3: Fill Out our Video Request Form

Write your name, teacher name, length of your video, and title you want for your video to have on YouTube on the YouTube Publish Request Form. This is located by Dr. Fryer's desk on the metal file cabinet.

Step 4: Dr Fryer will Upload with YouTube Capture

This 6.5 minute video (recorded for other teachers and librarians) demonstrates both the use of InstaShare and YouTube capture for our school Enhanced eBook project.