MinecraftEDU Collaborative Build

MinecraftEDU is a special, "modded" version of Minecraft which we purchased in November 2013 to use in our STEM classes at IES. More information about MinecraftEDU lessons is available.

Introduction to MinecraftEDU

Lesson Scale:

Intro Group Challenge: Together with your partner build:

    1. 10 basic tools (5 each in wood and stone)

    2. A house with a roof on it

We are using the "Group Building Areas" (Eco Junction) MinecraftEDU world for this challenge.

Lesson Objectives:

    1. Practice respectful collaboration building with a partner in MinecraftEDU.

    2. Follow visual instructions (recipes) to craft basic Minecraft tools.

(This is a 2 day introductory lesson for 4th and 5th grade students. For students who complete the challenge - both partners must craft all 10 tools - I become their "Minecraft Genie" and grant them 3 wishes. I use the MinecraftEDU teacher console to GIVE them 3 different kinds of Minecraft items they want - and up to 64 of each one. Then they can use those items in their area to continue building/crafting.)

MinecraftEDU Rainforest Challenge

Water Challenge Remix

Work as a team to build a farm that can support the food needs of your group, using a single water source. Choose the SAME numbered area to work together with members of your group!

Here is the official description:

You are a member of a group of settlers, scientists, and farmers set out to inhabit a new land. You’ve traveled for weeks living off of rations that your party set aside for the trip, but this morning the last of the reserve supply ran out. As hunger begins to settle in you push forward through the barren land. Suddenly someone in your party begins to call out. As you round the hill you see them: grass, tress, flowers! Lush and green, the vegetation here is healthy and thriving. You haven’t seen rain for many weeks, but these plants clearly have a source of water. If only you there was a way to make it last…

Participants enter the water challenge with only a place to rest and a fountain of water that pours into a small ditch. While they may collect water in buckets and transfer it manually, participants are faced with few food sources and will need to collaborate to establish a network of water flow. They are challenged to plan and develop a functioning settlement around a single water supply. Through collaborative building participants practice problem-solving and system thinking and apply understanding of real world phenomenon such as water flow to a simulated environment.

Farming Tutorial: (in Water Challenge Remix)

29 identical numbered areas are currently available for students to learn all of the basics in a logical backwards sequence. Students will interact with a "Farmhand" NPC. When they provide her with bread, she will give them the key to the next challenge. The progression of activities in the tutorial is as follows:

  1. Open a chest containing bread and give it to the NPC.

  2. Open a chest containing 3 wheat. Use the crafting table to create bread and give it to the NPC.

  3. This chest contains bone meal. Use the bone meal on existing crops to grow them into harvestable wheat.

  4. This chest contains seeds and bone meal. Plant the seeds by right-clicking on farmland.

  5. This chest also contains a hoe. Before seeds can be planted, use the hoe to create farmland from dirt.

  6. This chest contains wooden planks and sticks instead of a hoe. Use the crafting table to make your own tool, then complete the entire process.

Island Challenge Project

In MinecraftEDU mode in the Island Challenge world, build a bridge to transport 2 cows from 1 island to another.

Coordinate Hunt Project

In MinecraftEDU mode in the Coordinate Hunt world, try and find as many of the 40 hidden objects in the world as you can.

Initial Project Description:

In CREATIVE MODE, build a house and other structures collaboratively with others on your team.

Sample student projects

Jamestown Project - in Minecraft

Check out other Minecraft and MinecraftEDU builds and ideas in this YouTube playlist.