Center 5: Sound Through String and Wire

These are instructions for this student center.


Watch this video with your group:


Discuss these questions together as you experiment with supplies at this center.

    1. What did you find out by using the "string phone?"

    2. Do you think the "string phone" works? Why or why not?

    3. How does the "long gong" demonstrate that vibrations cause sound?

    4. How do you stop the sound on the "long gong?"

    5. How do you predict the "long gong" sound would change if you used a longer coathanger or wire?

Go further with the string phone:

    1. Tap the cup or scratch the screen while your partner listens at the other end.

    2. Does the string phone work better with a very high voice or a very low voice?

    3. Can you send messages around a corner?

Go further with the long gong:

    1. Use different objects (besides a pencil) to strike the long gong. Observe how the sound changes.

    2. Place the plastic cup from the long gong over your partner's ear, and pull the string tight (without pulling it out of the cup!) Pluck the string. Have your partner listen and describe the sound.


    1. Take a picture with an iPad of one of the activities you did with your team using the "string phone" or the "long gong."

    2. Post the picture with several sentences answering one of the questions you discussed above to your class blog.

    3. Be sure to include the words "String Phone" or "Long Gong" in your post title. (You can add other descriptive words too, if you want.)