Scratch is free software from MIT which allows learners of any age to create interactive games, tell stories, make animations, and more. Scratch ROCKS. In addition to these resources, be sure to check out the Oklahoma Scratch Camp website. Current subpages include Scratch Challenges. In Spring 2014 our STEM students started learning coding FIRST using the tutorials.

This is the "Getting Started with Scratch" handout we're using. (It's available as a PDF)

Many different resources are available to help learners of all ages use Scratch. Here are some of the best.

Getting Started with Scratch from Lifelong Kindergarten on Vimeo.

This tutorial explains how we start with the new "Step-by-Step Tutorial" on the Scratch website.

Maze Game

Lots of great Scratch Video tutorials are available directly from the Scratch HELP page, but they are on Vimeo so make sure that site is not blocked at your school / in your location if you plan to use them.

Scratch is a free software program from MIT which students can use to learn math concepts, tell stories, create games, and more. Karen Brennan (a member of the Scratch Team at MIT) describes Scratch as:

...a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, games, animations, music, and art.

Scratch is made by folks in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT! The roots of Scratch go back to Turtle Logo. A variety of alternatives to Scratch are available. Download Scratch for your own computer, view projects in the Scratch gallery, and get help on:

Learn more about the Scratch programming language and its background on the English WikiPedia.

Scratch Basics

  1. Scratch Project Types

  2. Scratch Tours

    1. Scratch Getting Started Guide (PDF)

Scratch Tutorials

Lego WeDo Integration

Other Scratch Resources

  1. Official Scratch Wiki

    1. ScratchED Community (for educators using and teaching with Scratch)

    2. Scratch Workshop Design Guide (PDF) from ScratchED

  2. Classroom 2.0 Scratch Lesson Plans


  4. Scratch Resources from Edina Public Schools

This resource page was initially adapted from the March 2013 version of the Oklahoma Scratch Camp resources page, which was adapted from Wesley Fryer's Scratch Resources for his Spring 2011 "Technology for Teachers" course offered through the University of Central Oklahoma.