Water Bottle Rockets

These are resources for our new Spring 2014 unit on "water bottle rockets."

Here are some iPad Rocket apps students are using during this unit: (also available as a printable PDF)

  1. SimpleRockets - $1

  2. NASA Visualization Explorer - free

Check out our growing playlist of water bottle rocket launch videos! (12 as of May 15, 2014) This video from Mrs. Morris' class is representative of this series of "collected" launch videos set to music using the free YouTube Capture app.

Here's the "Water Bottle Rocket Construction" instructions we're using. (PDF) We're launching with a borrowed PITSCO Aquaport II Water Rocket Launcher.

This 30 second video (published with copyright-friendly music using the YouTube Capture app) shows a launch from Thursday, May 9th in Mrs. Morey's 5th grade class, and why we do NOT want to be near water puddles when trying to catch / retrieve rockets!

Check out the iMovie trailer we made for IES Maker's Club when we tested water bottle rocket launches: BLAST OFF!

See this post on STEMseeds for more info and links. More will be added here soon!