MinecraftEDU Breakout Challenge

These are resources and links for our July 18, 2016 "Minecraft Challenge Camp" sponsored by The Div of Edmond, Oklahoma (@thedivorg) and hosted by Casady School. The other Minecraft Challenge projects we are using for this camp include the Treehouse Challenge and Redstone Engineering Challenge. Be sure to also check out resources on my main MinecraftEDU page. Many thanks to Zack Gilbert (@edgamer) for sharing this idea at the ISTE 2016 Analog Game Night!

This is an introductory slideshow, including the video below, for the MinecraftEDU Breakout Challenge.

MinecraftEDU Breakout Challenge ‎(July 2016)‎

Learn more about BreakoutEDU by watching this video. We're aspiring to create MinecraftEDU versions of Digital BreakoutEDU. We'll post download links to some or all of the worlds we create here after our camp experience.

Download the MinecraftEDU Breakout worlds students in our July 18, 2016 "Minecraft Challenge Camp" created below, along with the "Treehouse Challenge" worlds on server 1 and server 2. More information and instructions for the MinecraftEDU "Treehouse Challenge" is available.