We publish student work, with parent and student permission, on our iesSTEM classroom YouTube channel. This page includes information about how students can request that one of their videos be published on YouTube by Dr. Fryer. This is a new workflow (updated 13 March 2015) replacing our old one using InstaShare and YouTube Capture.

STEP 2: Scan YouTube upload email QR Code

  1. Use the i-Nigma app on your iPad to scan the QR code on the printed page similar to the one below, which you can find in our STEM classroom or Maker Studio classroom.. (This email address and QR code is specific JUST to our STEM class. The QR code & email address is obscured below so people outside our class won't email/upload videos.)

  2. Save the email address to your iPad Contacts.

STEP 1: Save/Export Final Video to Camera Roll

Whether you are using Green Screen, StopMotion Cafe, iMovie, or another app, you need to SAVE or EXPORT your final video to your iPad camera roll. Play it to make sure it looks and sounds like you want it to.

STEP 3: Email Your Video

    1. Open PHOTOS on your iPad.

    2. Select your video.

    3. Tap the SHARE icon (square with an arrow on it) and choose MAIL to email your video.

    4. On the TO line start to type the email address above. (You should just need to type the first few characters and then TAP it when it pops up.)

    5. IMPORTANT: On the SUBJECT line type the title for your video like you want it to appear on YouTube. Include your FIRST NAME only, and your homeroom teacher's name. Example: Lego Stopmotion by L.J. (Province)

    6. Tap SEND.

After emailing your video it should appear in our classroom YouTube channel. If your video is too long or large, you may not be able to email the entire thing. In that case, use our old workflow InstaShare and YouTube Capture.