Resources shared here were initially adapted from the March 2013 Challenges page of the Oklahoma Scratch Camp website.

Sprite Surprise Project

Create a project in which something surprising happens to a sprite. Try this script:

Scratch Website Skills

Today we'll learn on

  1. strategies for discovering interesting projects

  2. creating a gallery of Scratch projects

  3. downloading and remixing projects

  4. connecting with other community members

Explore different kinds of Scratch Projects!

  1. Scratch Jokes

    1. ART Projects (from ScratchEdTeam)

    2. STORIES Projects (from ScratchEdTeam)

    3. MAZE Projects (from ScratchEdTeam)

    4. GAMES Gallery (from ScratchEdTeam)

    5. Other SAMPLE Projects (from ScratchEdTeam)

  2. Currently "Featured" Scratch Projects

Also check out these resources:

  1. Collab Camp:

  2. Support page:

  3. FAQ page:

  4. Scratch Forums:

(From "Exploring the Scratch Website: October 2011 Webinar")

Cat Dance Steps Project

    1. Start by dragging out the “move 10 steps” block from the “Motion” blocks palette to the scripting area. Every time you click on the block the cat moves a distance of 10. You can change the number to make the cat move a greater or smaller distance.

    2. From the “Sound” palette, drag out the “play drum” block. Click on the block to hear its drum sound. Drag and snap the “play drum” block below the “move“ block. When you click on this stack of two blocks, the cat will move and then play the drum sound.

    3. Copy this stack of blocks (either using the Duplicate toolbar item or by rightclicking the stack and selecting “duplicate”) and snap the copy to the alreadyplaced blocks. Change the second “move” block to -10 steps, so the cat moves backward. Every time the stack of four blocks is clicked, the cat does a little dance forward and back.

    4. Go to the “Control” blocks palette and grab the “repeat” block. Wrap the “repeat” block around the other blocks in the scripting area. Now when you click on the stack, the cat dances forward and back 10 times. o Finally, drag the “when Sprite clicked” block and snap it to the top of the stack. Click on the cat (instead of the blocks stack) to make the cat dance.

(From pages 15-16 of Karen Brennan's "Curriculum Guide for Creative Computing with Scratch")

8 Block Scratch Challenge

In 15 minutes, create a cool project in Scratch using just these 8 blocks.

(This activity is included as page 16 in the Scratch Workshop Design Guide)

Explore Games

To see what's possible with game design in Scratch, check out these examples:

  1. Ten Levels

  2. Alien of My Own

These were included in Karen Brennan's ScratchED post, "BLC Pre-Conference Workshop: Let's Play! Game Design with Scratch - Monday, July 15, 2012"

  1. Top "Loved" Scratch Games

Maze Game Project

Create your own MAZE Scratch game!

These links were included in Karen Brennan's "Let's Play" post on ScratchED.

Creative Game Project

These blocks (PDF) are very helpful for creating games in Scratch. Use these blocks to create your own simple game.

Collide or Guess Game Project

Enhance Your Game

Here are some sample projects to enhance a Scratch game (including MAZE games):

These were included in Karen Brennan's ScratchED post, "BLC Pre-Conference Workshop: Let's Play! Game Design with Scratch - Monday, July 15, 2012"

About Me Project

For your third Scratch Project we'd like you to make an ABOUT ME project.

Tell a Story Projects

Check out this Gallery of Scratch Storytelling Projects. These Scratch Blocks are helpful when creating stories.

Create your own Scratch story using one of the following models:

(These PDF files above are from Karen Brennan's "Story Time" Handouts on ScratchED.)

Pass It On Story Project

First 15 minutes: Start a Scratch story using one of the storytelling models above.

Second 15 minutes: Switch computers and continue working / adding to a Scratch story started by one of your classmates.

(This project idea was copied from the July 15, 2012, Pre-BLC Scratch Workshop at MIT.)