Sinking Soda Surprise

Activities for the "Sinking Soda Surprise" center.


    1. Put different soda cans in the cooler of water to see which ones float and which ones sink.

    2. Use the balance scale to measure the weight of different soda cans.


    1. Talk about the pattern you see in the "floaters" and the "sinkers."

    2. Look at the ingredients on the side of each soda can and identify differences.

    3. What explains why a soda can floats or sinks


Take photos of your experiments with these soda cans.


    1. Write a blog post on your KidBlog including at least 1 photo from your experiments.

    2. Write at least 3 sentences explaining why you think some soda cans float and some sink.

Optional - Later...

Watch this 3.5 minute video from Steve Spangler explaining more about why some soda cans sink and some float.